Data Discovery and Research
Perform data exploration and link data elements to business objectives
Database Design and Management
Create and maintain the building blocks for deriving customer data intelligence
Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling
Uncover customer data patterns and identify predictors for future behavior, for example, response to marketing campaigns, credit risk, loan prepayment, insurance claim, etc.
CRM and Decision Optimization
Help identify and target best customers; allow the formation of individualized relationships with customers, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits; and generate quality leads
Web Analytics
Collect and analyze web site data such as site visits, sources, duration, etc. to understand and optimize web usage
Application Development and Cloud Deployment
World-class ability and experience in creating scalable, reliable and secure applications in .Net, Java and other languages. Cloud deployment and architectural specialty in Amazon AWS, MS Azure and WAAD, Google GAE and GCE
Identity Management
Custom coding SSO and provisioning projects in multiple environments, off multiple datastores, and on various devices
API Development
Implement highly available and reliable API solutions on-premises and/or cloud: SOA, WebServices, Client/Server, Mobile
Software and Digital Proto-Typing
Develop compelling and workable prototypes, show what works and doesn’t, generate customer feedback and help investors understand and decide to fund your vision
Salesforce/ Consulting
Implement and deploy complex rich UI and computational intensive enterprise applications on Salesforce platform. Overcome computation governor limits and serve future-focused industry leaders by building the next generation of digital experiences